Lotto Tips And Tricks


Many lottery players dream of playing the lottery, achieving the really big win or winning the jackpot. Our Lotto Tips & Tricks can help.

Wishes like a dream trip to distant countries, the new house or a fancy new car would be easy to pay with the main prize.

Are there any special lotto tips that can help you win the big prize and lead a fantastic life without worries from now on? We’ll show you the best lotto tips to crack the jackpot.

Tip 1: Choose birthdays or anniversaries as lucky numbers?

Most beginners among the lotto participants choose to play lotto tips and tricks, where the dates of certain anniversaries such as wedding anniversaries, get to know days or birthdays are used as lucky numbers. Lotto tips that include this advice are not exactly wrong. For many people, the wedding day is a concise date that couples like to remember every year.

The numbers of this day must bring ergo simply luck. Also the day, on which a pair found together, is felt as lucky day and used therefore gladly as lucky charm with the Lotto play. Popular lotto tips also include the use of your own birthdays in combination with those of your partner.

In addition, children’s birthday dates are also frequently ticked on the lottery ticket. But what many lotto participants don’t know is that playing the wrong lotto tips can even reduce your chances of winning. With the German Class Lottery Lotto 6aus49 alone, it is possible to select your own favourites from 49 numbers.

In other lottery games like Powerball there are even 69 numbers to choose from. Players who limit themselves to calendar days from one to 31 could be wrong. The majority of possible combinations are simply left behind. Helpful Lotto tips in tips that recommend always using the entire field for distributing lottery numbers.

Of course, parts of your own birthday or numbers of the birthday of the better half can also be included when you type. However, after the Lotto tips, not only these numbers should be used, but also those that are larger than 31.

This gives players a better advantage than not following the lotto tips and only using a limited number field.

Tips 2 : Selection of Lotto Numbers by Frequency of Drawing

Good lotto winning tips say that observing numbers as well as pairs, which are often drawn in the lotto can be helpful. This fact that some numbers occur more often than others is often taken up in lotto tips. Although the respective lotteries try to draw the lottery numbers actually on a random principle, this phenomenon occurs.

An example is the number 26. According to statistics of the lottery tips, which are compiled by experts, this number occurs much more frequently in the German lottery than, for example, the number 5. The professionals among the players know these lottery tips and when filling out the lottery ticket consciously bet on numbers which are drawn more frequently than on others.

The numbers that are drawn less often use them less often or do not use them at all. Lotto connoisseurs thus increase their chance of winning by a good third. These lotto playing tips do not allow any conclusions about the actually drawn lotto numbers. But it can be worthwhile to take a look at the statistics of the respective lottery to get an overview of the regular frequency of lucky numbers.

Even if this is no guarantee for a main prize, with a little luck one or the other hit can be achieved with this method. Professionals use statistics to reach as many right people as possible to play the lottery and maybe one day get big with a jackpot win.

Tips 3: Frequently drawn pairs

Lotto tips for often drawn couples at 6aus49 are 7 and 49 with 55 times, 26 and 32 with 43 times and 6 with 46 about 39 times.

In the Powerball lottery, these pairs of numbers were drawn frequently after the lottery tips: The numbers 32 and 41 were drawn a total of 34 times.

The pair 15 and 26 were drawn 34 times. Numbers 20 and 42 appeared together 33 times at Powerball. The numbers 9 and 23, on the other hand, can be found about 32 times.

Popular pairs of numbers in the Mega Millions lottery are 29 and 32 with 27 times, 1 and 22 were drawn 28 times and 2 and 5 about 24 times.

Tips 4 : bet lucky numbers again and again

Lottery players should always remember that numbers drawn in previous draws do not necessarily have to be drawn again.

But according to the lottery tips of a pensioner from Baden-W├╝rttemberg, who recently won the jackpot of the German lottery of 6.4 million Euros with six correct numbers plus a super number, lucky numbers help with gambling. After all, he had been using his personal numbers again and again for years until Fortuna finally showed itself gracious and brought him the long-awaited money blessing.

The 65 year old is happy about his fortune and wants to use the money to buy a new home and support his grandchildren financially. The lucky winner stated that these or similar Lotto Tipps belong to old-proven methods. The people of his generation have always stuck to Lotto Tipps, which were still among the insider tips at the beginning of the German Class Lottery.

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