How To Bet Online? Our Complete Guide


All the information you need to take your first steps in complete serenity.

Are sports betting sites reliable and safe?

All legal online gambling operators are subject to strict regulations imposed by the ARJEL, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority. This body is controlled by the French State and acts in complete independence from operators. The latter must therefore comply with numerous rules, particularly with regard to the security of transactions and the protection of customer data. In addition, each betting site must have an office established in France.

All legal gambling sites are easily identifiable with the “ARJEL Authorized” logo and a license number that must appear at the bottom of the page.

Many foreign operators are not validated by ARJEL but remain accessible by French Internet users. We strongly advise you not to play on these sites because they are not subject to the same strict regulations as the ARJEL. All the bookmakers tested on our website have ARJEL approval.

Which betting sites to choose?

Compare Bet has tested all legal betting operators to allow you to select the best ones. You have a summary of all these tests in our bookmaker comparison to discover on this page.

How to register on a site?

Opening an account on an online betting site is more than just entering your email and address. For security reasons recommended by ARJEL, you must also send an identity document and a bank statement to the operator. Read our dossier on the registration procedure to learn more.

How do the odds work?

A rating is a coefficient that determines your potential winnings based on the amount of your bet. How is it calculated? What are the different types of ratings? You will find the answers to these questions in this article dedicated to odds.

The different types of bets

Internet portals offer many more types of games than the old Sports Lotto or Paper Quotes & Matches. If it is always possible to bet a coin on the result of a match, multiple types of bets are also available: single, combined, live… This file tells you more about this subject.

To better understand the principle of bonuses

All operators wield a welcome bonus to attract new players. These promotions are always linked to more or less strict conditions of use that you must understand. Our article on how bonuses work should help you to better understand the market offers. Then, you can go to this bonus table which gathers all the promotions currently in effect for each operator.

Is it possible to win at sports betting?

Betting on a sporting event is above all a game of chance. But you will probably win some of your games and get some money. But can you get rich by betting? How much can we really earn? Some answers in our chapter on earnings.

Gambling addiction, a real risk not to be neglected

Like all gambling, sports betting presents a potential risk if you gamble excessively: gambling addiction, debt, etc….. Compare Bet encourages you to play with reason, depending on your income. Betting should remain a pleasure and should not be considered as an investment. To increase your awareness of this aspect, we suggest that you visit the Players Info Service website.

Bet online

Bwin offers the largest selection of bets in more than 90 sports. Select your favorite bets and use your sports knowledge to win with online sports betting. From football to tennis, basketball and Formula 1, all sports betting is a potential source of excitement and winnings. As a football fan, the bwin bonus offers you the ease and satisfaction in your sports betting! Place your bets on the World Cup, tournaments, leagues and exciting events. Many different forms of betting are available to help you make the most optimal investment. Bwin is committed to providing you with the best online betting platform and real-time sports betting advice. Register in just a few clicks to be able to take advantage of our exceptional offers and promotions throughout the site.

Our interface has been designed by bettors for bettors. The screen is divided into several menus with a beautiful ergonomics to improve your reading comfort. We want to make it easier for you to concentrate as much as possible on your sports bets. In the centre of the screen, you will find the main sports bets. It is a matter of having all the latest information and sports bets not to be missed in the blink of an eye. In the menu on the left, you can choose the type of sport you want to bet on and also have the option to bet at the last minute on sports events that will soon start around the world. Our selection of sports betting is extensive. There are necessarily sports bets on which you will want to know all the odds of the bwin bookmaker. They are constantly updated according to sporting events and season. In the right column are all the indications relating to your bets, such as the total odds, your bet and the famous “place a bet” button which is the starting point for exciting moments. Try a simple bet on a dry result or combine your bets to increase your chances of winning. We have different betting systems that may be of interest to you. For help, place your mouse over the question mark. Register and bet on the winner. We regularly offer promotions for new players.

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