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Since 2013, the online gaming industry has reached an estimated annual value of 26.1 billion euros. That’s a lot of Blackjack hands! Whether you’re a novice considering a leap into action or an experienced player looking to change casinos, you’re in an excellent position to take advantage of special offers for players opening new accounts. One of the most popular incentives to make new signups is the no deposit bonus, which is what this article is all about: What they are, the pros and cons, and what you need to know about them as players. Let’s get started!

Online casino bonus without deposit: Too good to be true?

So, what exactly is this? The easiest way to look at it from a player’s point of view – a risk-free way to start betting in a casino. The casino will pre-finance your account with a certain amount that will give you access to free spins without having to make a deposit. All you need to do is enter your basic information and register with a new account.

The amount of money is usually relatively small, but it is not uncommon to get offers for more than 150 Euros, which is more than enough to get started no matter what games you are interested in.

Bonus Types

There are two traditional types of no deposit bonuses that casinos offer: redeemable and non-redeemable. Redeemable bonuses mean that you may actually withdraw the money (in addition to all winnings) provided you have met all the relevant bonus requirements. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss some typical terms in a minute.

The second type relates to non-redeemable (i.e., non-payable) amounts of money. These can only be wagered. If you win, the casino bonus will be deducted from any withdrawals you make without the need to make a deposit.

Depending on the selection of games your casino offers with a bonus, you may also see alternative variations such as free spins on slot machines or free entry to tournaments on poker sites advertised – essentially the same idea, but in a slightly different form.

The wise players among you might ask, “What’s the catch?” It’s an excellent question. There is no real catch here per se. But bonuses come without a deposit with certain wagering requirements. These conditions are also known as “wagering requirements”.

A general condition is that the choice of games offered for use with the bonus is limited, along with the maximum wagering amounts. You will also usually need to have an active account and place a certain number of bets (you see this as a play-through or rollover requirement) in order to qualify for a bonus. It is worth noting that rollover amounts refer to the amount wagered, not winnings or losses.

Remember that casinos are required to list the wagering requirements for each type of bonus bet in detail, but it is up to you as the responsible player to thoroughly review them to make sure that you really understand what you are playing before you log on.

Casino with bonus: What is the benefit for the casino?

Now you may be wondering why online casinos would give away free money? Casino operators are not stupid. The first reason: while an online casino has to make huge profits, the industry is incredibly competitive. At the last count, there were at least 3000 online casinos and that number is growing every week. They all pursue the same potential pool of players, and anything they can do to make their offer more tempting is in their interests.

The second point is that online casinos are data-driven organizations. They have the numbers and know exactly how much money they earn on average from each player throughout their lives. They do this by closely tracking a number known as ‘Customer Lifetime Value’. Of course, as a wise player, you will try to exceed these averages and get through the rounds. But casinos still know how much they can afford to give away while still making a decent profit, right down to the next cent.

Let’s start with the positive results

Ideally, you are looking for an established casino with a solid reputation and easily verifiable low ratings from current users. Check around gambling forums and check websites for background information about the casino and avoid any with bad feedback. You also want a full range of account funding options and customer support channels clearly listed.

On the negative side of things, items that should ring a big warning bell are false “admin” fees for basic account functionality and bonus offers that seem too nice to be true.

The last point – the variety of games offered – is really a matter of personal preference. Some players will be looking for a number of table games to move between them and possibly have some sports betting action on the side. Others will be looking for a specialized website that deals exclusively with online poker.

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