Betting Career

Everyone can imagine something under sports betting. At its core, the matter doesn’t seem particularly complicated. A bet is placed on a sporting event and on a certain outcome. Two teams play against each other in football, for example, and the victory of a club is desired.

If successful, the stake is multiplied by the odds and the result corresponds to the payout. Sounds simple, but in reality sports betting is very complex. Especially the internet has changed a lot.

Getting better step by step

For beginners it can be very confusing at first. There are countless different types of bets. And not only that. In addition, there are also a number of betting providers and a customer can no longer see the forest for the trees. But that does not have to be at all. There are things that should be considered at the beginning, but nobody should go crazy. It is important that everyone goes at their own pace, step by step. Above all, it is important to learn from one’s own mistakes and to leave out the gross mistakes of beginners or at least to pay with small sums of money. Of course, there are some basic things that can be prevented with a little restraint. For example as mentioned high losses. Who plays with small amounts, can lose also only small sums. On the other hand, nobody should overtax himself. Although there are countless numbers of betting providers, sports and bet types, it is advisable to concentrate on one thing first. This can be the favourite sport for which simple single bets are played.

A real tip is the free course “Bet better in 7 days”. The first steps in sports betting are explained here in detail and simply. The A and O – still before each bet – is besides the bet ABC. Newcomers to betting will find all the relevant betting terms there, which can be linked. The most important bet types are also dealt with again in this article.

The most important terms for sports betting

The first important prerequisite for successful sports betting is specialist knowledge of the sports typed. This sounds a bit banal at first, but if you are not familiar with the sports, you can hardly give any good tips. It also means that the first important terms have already been clarified. Everyone should know what is to be understood by goals, points or sentences, since these simple terms also occur again and again with the betting markets. But that’s not all, because there are many special terms that are directly related to sports betting. For beginners it is important to get a rough overview. A big misbelief is that good knowledge in sports alone is enough to be successful in the betting business.

Single bets, combination bets, system bets and long-term bets

A distinction is first made between single bets and combination bets. The first describes the bet on a specific event. This can be, for example, the victory of a team in a game. Combined bets, also known briefly as “Kombi”, are a combination of several individual bets. In such a combination, the customer wins only if he has all the individual components of the combination correctly. The advantage lies in the fact that the odds increase as a result of the combinations. One step further is the system bet, which includes various combinations of individual bets. The advantage of the system bet is that even a wrong bet can still result in a win.

Long-term bets are a special type of bet. This is usually a single bet (combinations of long term bets are not allowed with some betting providers), but they are not based on an imminent event, but on the result of a tournament, competition or championship. An example would be the bet on the next world champion.

Three-way, two-way, handicap and over bets

It is already clear that there are many different types of bets. In the winning bet, the customer bets on the presumed winning team. Since there are three options in football (win, draw and defeat), such bets are called three-way bets. In tennis or basketball, two-way bets are often played. In winter sports, place bets are common. This is the tip that a team or a player reaches a certain area in the ranking (e.g. 1st to 3rd place). The result bet is even more accurate and requires not only the winning tip, but the exact result (for example 2:1 or 3:0). The odds on these bets are very high, but so is the risk. Apart from the results, there are also other types of goal and point bets. This also includes over and under bets. Bets are then placed, for example, on whether more or less than 2 or 3 goals are scored in a game. In betting, odd numbers are usually used to make a clear decision. If you bet on over 2.5 goals, for example, the bet is won if at least three goals are scored.

Odds, odds and payouts

The terms around the odds are enormously important and everyone who wants to start his competitive career should take a closer look at them. Sports betting is all about odds. But what are they for? On the one hand they show what a player can win with a bet. On the other hand, they also contain probabilities for the possible outcomes of the events. So the customer immediately knows what the bookmaker’s assessment is. Such a quota then also contains the quota key, which provides information about the bookmaker’s profit margin.

Anyone who deals more closely with the odds knows at all times exactly how they assess their own chances and what payouts they can expect should win with them. What is important is that sports betting is less about dealing directly with sporting events than about the odds and what is done with them. So a tipper can consider a victory of Bavaria against Dortmund probable and still prefer a bet on the BVB thanks to possibly very high odds.

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