You want to start betting on sports, you like it, but you don’t really know where to start. In fact, you have many questions and perhaps you don’t yet have the answers to all these questions. Istanbul Tours Online gives you answers to these questions!

And if you start at the beginning, by discovering all the tricks you absolutely must know about sports betting. Here in this article you will find the most frequently asked questions and all the answers.

Good to make a long story short, this is the authority that authorizes or not a bookmaker in France. It is also responsible for determining whether or not a particular sport is allowed for betting in France. Same for competitions and types of bets. For example, betting on the number of boxes taken is prohibited in France.

In France, the Arjel requires bookmakers to pay back a maximum of 85% of the bettors’ bets. As this is an average, they can redistribute a little more for some bets, and less for others.

Why is it important to know that? Because that explains why in France the odds are lower than elsewhere. But unfortunately, only these bookmakers are allowed in France, and it’s a bad idea to want to be an outlaw.

So you don’t have to register a bookmaker outside of arjel. It’s a really bad idea, because this authority is chasing players who sign up on bookmakers outside of arjel.

So even if you are registered on this type of bookmakers, it is better to withdraw your money regularly. Because in fact it is necessarily temporary, access to the French can be closed at any time.

The easiest way for a beginner is to register on an Arjel bookmaker. At least you are sure to be able to recover your winnings even if the odds are lower than on foreign bookmakers

It is difficult to give a single answer, there is not necessarily a better bookmaker. Of course, some bookmakers are more efficient, for example on small sports or live betting. Our site has analyzed and compared on a lot of criteria, however what stands out is that what interests you most is who has the best odds, especially on football.

Good first “revelation” of this article which is not really a scoop for you I imagine. The online betting site does not really offer you money.

In general, the bookmaker will reimburse you for your first bet if he loses up to 100 euros on average.

Most bookmakers pay this bonus as a free bet. This means that the bonus must be replayed in order to be cashed out.

But not on all sites. So you see, we’re a long way from the money offered. But there are still some offers that stand out.

At only one bookmaker the bonus is paid in cash. This means that it is possible to immediately withdraw the welcome bonus. It’s Winamax.

Parions Sport also gives you a cash bonus of up to 100 euros. But you will only be refunded for 80% of the amount bet.

Basically by betting 50 euros on your first bet, if he loses you will be refunded 40 euros in cash. So it remains a very, very interesting bonus, undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

At many bookmakers, such as PMU, Netbet, Unibet or Bwin, the first bet is refunded up to a maximum of 100 euros. At all these bookmakers, you only have to replay the bonus amount once in order to be able to withdraw it.

Be careful very often, this is a bonus paid in free bet. However, when you play this free bet, you will only be able to get the benefits from this bet, not the bet. Find all the information on these bonuses, and the complete comparison of bookmakers’ bonuses in this article.

It’s not as good as the cash bonuses, but it’s worth using it.

So, of course, bonuses are not really money offered. But on the other hand, with some bookmakers you can bet without risk, and that’s already not bad.

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